Nicholas Geisler

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Vancouver, B.C. V6H 1G7


TEL: 604-908-0263 FAX: 778-979-4693

Nicholas Geisler, one of our recent mortgage brokers, joined our company after completing his licence with the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. Prior to successfully getting licensed, he studied mechanical engineering at Langara College for roughly three years. A change in passion guided him to switch career paths to study business and real-estate.

Nicholas grew up in Vancouver and South Delta amongst a close knit community. He excelled in team sports such as rugby, football, and lacrosse in which leadership, communication, and critical thinking were crucial. He enjoyed physics, chemistry in his high school and post secondary education. Nick found his passion for racing motorcycles at a young age. He was the manager at a go kart race track to help him sponsor his way through his racing career. It was through this sport which he developed a determined mindset, skills and expertise to deliver. Through building up his career and acquiring skills, great experiences were gained, in which he learned several elemental life lessons that have parallels in our work life. He met many people whose passion matched his, and he used these opportunities to begin networking.

To further challenge his knowledge on the business market and his education, he tried his hand in multiple business ventures. Nicholas’s ferocity as an entrepreneur has opened many doors for him. He owned a few small business that tested his knowledge and capability to apply his knowledge, skills and curiosity to successfully run and be part of businesses. Several of his most triumphant business were a landscaping company, online stores, and a social media company. He has explored different kinds of businesses to get a feel on which ones is the best fit for him. It is safe to say he is a well rounded individuals who keeps updating his skills and knowledge base. He is a kind of man who challenges experiences and circumstances. He devotes his time to the business and his clients so mutual satisfaction is reached. Numerous of his clients have recommended him due to his charismatic character, friendly attitude, but most importantly his methodological approach to solving problems and being able to apply his knowledge and critical thinking skills in collaboration with his co-workers.
Nicholas understands the demand for mortgages and is determined to find the best avenue for his clients. After not being able to get a loan for his first home from the bank, which at the time would have tripled his net worth at the time, gave him a reason to learn and get insight on how lending and mortgages work. He doesn’t want to “ ever miss another opportunity again” and by working and dedicating himself into mortgages and the business realm, he is confident that he won’t miss another opportunity again. Nicholas’s strong business attributes and trustworthiness make him stand out. His availability, integrity, dependability and reliability is merited and noticed. He has been quoted saying, “ I will not only do what is absolutely best for my clients but he will attain to them 24/7 without hesitation or reservation.

To become a successful mortgage broker, strong leadership skills is essential. In addition to obtaining this skill, he’s unafraid to take risks, he has a competitive yet positive spirit, good intellect, is able to take the initiative, has solid communication skills, ambition and most of all, a reliable nature. This is the reason why our company as well as his previous clients recommend Nicholas. He has acquired all the skills and character to be competent as a mortgage broker. He has the networking skills and interpersonal attributes that make him desirable in the business world. His moral compass, determination and his set of values make his clients put their biggest assists in his hands.