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TEL: 778-229-4450 FAX: 604-398-2787

I am very lucky to have lived on the North Shore since 1987. In my spare time, you can usually find me outdoors taking advantage of all of the activities we have at our disposal. I have always had a passion for serving my community and have dedicated a lot of my personal life to giving back to this amazing place we all call home.

I was the Founder of my own registered charity that helped feed and clothe over 10,000 people in the Downtown East Side during our five years of operation; winning multiple awards along the way for our work in the community. In 2007, this work took me to Haiti where the efforts of my organization helped in the building of a local elementary school for children in the city of Jacmel.

I also served as a past board member for M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drinking and Driving) in the Vancouver Chapter to educate youth on the dangers of drinking and driving.

In my professional career, I spent over a decade in the financial services industry working for the big banks before I decided to work as an independent Mortgage Broker. I made the switch because I was tired of putting my customers into a box of limited options that never fully met their needs. As a professional Mortgage Broker, I have the flexibility to shop all of the major banks and lenders to truly find my customers the very best mortgage solutions that really cater to their individual needs. I have made it my professional life's work to make the process of obtaining a mortgage as easy and painless as possible for my customers. The mortgage industry is constantly changing and it can be very difficult to keep up with the Government rules and regulations, as well as the changing appetite of the banks. More and more people are turning to Mortgage Brokers to help bring the banks and lenders to them.