Shane Smith

City Wide Mortgage Services

103 - 1245 West Broadway

Vancouver, B.C. V6H 1G7


TEL: 604-259-8040 FAX: 604-257-2605

After graduating university with a Bachelor of Commerce, Shane began his career in management before taking an interest in real estate investing and starting his own business. Shane then got his mortgage license so he could also provide a service and an education to people as they look to achieve their own financial goals.

Most of the time, there is a right mortgage out there for every buyer. Often times, people are just not aware of the differences in products or what options are available to them. Understanding individual circumstances, concerns and needs allow us to provide clients with the proper education in selecting the right mortgage.

Shane believes that integrity is crucial in this industry and promises to provide transparency, calm guidance and timely answers throughout the mortgage process. And although the industry is constantly changing, Shane thrives on being able to come up with solutions to make his clients’ lives easier.

A mortgage should be a relationship, not a transaction. Let me do the heavy lifting and let’s work together over time to help you grow and make your dreams become a reoccurring reality.