Karen Boies

Mortgage Planner

  • What Happens Next …… Now that you have found the home you want to buy?

    Congratulatons! It is an exciting and sometimes turbulent time when you make that offer to purchase and then wait for the final approval for your mortgage loan. I prepared a video that I send to my clients when I get the good news that they have found the new home they want for themselves and

  • What is your credit worthiness?

    This week one of our lenders sent an email to remind us how they look at a mortgage application for a client. They call this the 5 C’s of Credit. I thought you might find it interesting. “Remember it’s not how nice or good they are, but whether they qualify for the loan. Character –

  • A Place Where Women Connect

    I am frequently entertained by the musing of @crunchycarpets on Twitter. We banter back and forth sharing a giggle and some intellectual property. Then one day she invited me to be interviewed for her website Wet Coast Women. I was excited about the opportunity to share my ideas about mortgages. Honestly, I am passionate about