Shaun Zipursky

Senior Mortgage Planner

  • Extended Amortization

    It seems that no matter who the client, what the clients financial situation, or how much money the client has to put down. Extended Amortization and it’s pros and cons are heavily discussed throughout the process in setting up a new mortgage in today’s market. Back in Aug I had the opportunity to speak about

  • Bank happy to “Talk” loonie down…

    Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney told federal MPs on  Tuesday that central-bank intervention in currency markets  — on its own — “seldom” works unless backed by other appropriate policy measures. Further, he added, the decision to intervene is “not to be taken lightly,” and should be executed only if the dollar’s movements would have

  • Locking in from a “Below” prime Variable?

    My phone has been ringing more and more the past few months with this exact question… “Shaun, should I be looking into locking in my below prime variable with rates as low as they are today?” In my opinion this is a very difficult question to answer, the reason for this is that if a