Online Application: Privacy Agreement

Dominion Lending Centres refers applications to a network of independent mortgage brokers known as Mortgage Professionals. Mortgage Professionals are governed by the Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Professional Privacy Policy.


As Mortgage Professionals, we are committed to keeping your privacy protected and your information confidential at all times.

We collect, use and disclose information about you for a variety of reasons:

  • To identify you and verify any information you give us
  • To protect us both from error and fraud
  • To understand your needs and eligibility for products and services
  • To recommend particular products and services so we may serve you better
  • To meet legal requirements, such as asking you to provide the necessary information to verify your identity
  • To present your mortgage application to various lenders and insurers for the purpose of securing a mortgage and/or related service
  • We may review and analyze your use of our services, in order to assist in the above.

We may collect from you and share health information with insurers and insurance agents for the purpose of applying for creditor insurance.

Your information and the business you do with us is kept strictly confidential

Your information will be protected from error, loss and unauthorized access. Our procedures and systems are designed to ensure this security. We collect, use and disclose personal information only for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances. As well, we never sell any information about our customers to others, and we only keep information as long as it is needed.

Your information is obtained or used only with your consent

We obtain your (express or implied) consent before we:

  • Check your employment
  • Obtain a credit report
  • Offer you other products and services
  • Obtain, use or disclose to other persons, information about you unless we are obliged to do so by law or to protect our interests
  • Use your information in any way we didn’t tell you about previously

You can withdraw your consent any time after you’ve given it to us, provided there are no legal requirements to prevent this, by contacting your Mortgage Professional.

You can choose not to receive direct marketing

We may tell you about products and services through direct mail, telephone, or other means. If you do not wish us to do so, advise your Mortgage Professional.

Sharing your information with other people

We don’t share information about you, except as is necessary to complete your mortgage application and take all steps necessary to secure mortgage financing on your behalf, nor do we release it to anyone else, without your express or implied consent. However, there are some exceptions. For example, we may collect, use or disclose information without your consent if we:

  • are obligated or permitted to do so for legal reasons
  • use an outside company, such as Dominion Lending Centres, to do work for us involving some of your information

You can review and make corrections to your information

You can review your personal information held by us and make corrections to it by contacting our Privacy Officer at 604-257-2600. You may be asked to put your request in writing.


If you have any questions, comments or complaints contact you our Privacy Officer at 604-257-2600.

By continuing with this online application you acknowledge receiving and understanding this privacy policy.

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Mortgage Application

To get the banks fighting for your business, please complete the following mortgage application in as much detail as you wish. In order to submit your mortgage application a minimum amount of information is required. For your convenience, this information has been highlighted on the application form. Once completed, your application is electronically forwarded to your local Mortgage Professional who contacts you for a personalized evaluation of your needs and he/she will explain the next steps in the mortgage approval process. It’s that simple!

Who is your mortgage consultant?
Purpose of your new mortgage
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Where you work – (3 year history)
employer address position how long (years) income/year
Your net worth
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Your present home
landlord/mortgage holder monthly payment mortgage balance home value
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New property information
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Legal information
solicitor’s firm solicitor’s name
address city province postal code phone number fax number
Banking information
institution branch type of accounts
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Have you declared bankruptcy within the past 7 years?

reason for bankruptcy amount date discharged yyyy-mm-dd
Additional comments regarding your mortgage application