Ralna Burridge

Mortgage Planner

  • Tell everyone you know before this opportunity is gone too…

    I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial…but with yesterday’s rule changes…I feel this is important to get the word out before this program gets pulled. If you’re a Buyer or a Realtor and have clients with no savings (but they must have a little something to cover closing costs ie. Lawyer fee and PPT if

  • Vancouver’s Best Mortgage Rates

     Rates as of Friday February 5th, 2010  Vancouver, here are your best mortgage rates. Call now for more information. 604-790-7253.  Closed Terms Our Best Rates Bank Rates   1 year 2.25% 3.60%   2 year 2.75% 3.75%   3 year 3.25% 4.15%   4 year 3.64% 5.04%   5 year 3.69% 5.39%   7 year 4.45%

  • Tax Deductible Mortgages for Canadians

    For years Americans have enjoyed the benefits of being able to deduct the interest paid on their residential mortgages and save on income tax. Some people may say that this benefit is partly why Americans have encountered so much housing trouble as this concept encourages you to keep a high mortgage balance…after all the interest